My Favorite View ♥️

Out of all the views in the world — the endless ocean, the magical sunsets, the beautiful forests and mountains — this is by far my favorite one.

The first thing my husband does every morning is sit with his Bible. He knows that every answer, ounce of strength, instruction to live, and secret to everlasting joy is found in these words — found in his Maker.

And because he takes this time serious, our daughter and I get to reap the benefits. I have a man I can trust, honor, and yes, even that controversial “s word” — submit to. 

Obviously not submit as a doormat like the culture thinks of the term, but let him have the final say as the leader of our home. 


Because I trust the Lord. I trust what God is doing in Matt’s life. I trust that He brought Matt and I together. I trust God’s design for the home — a husband and wife, equal in worth and dignity, yet carrying two distinct roles.

I can trust because I see Matt not only read the Book of Life every day, but he also implements it. He follows Jesus which ensures me that I can follow him.

Single ladies, wait for a man who dedicates his life to following Jesus. I promise you it will be worth it. Even if it takes much longer than you could ever imagine (like it did for me). 


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