Single-minded: Boasting in the Cross of Christ

“The opposite of wasting your life is to live by a single soul-satisfying passion for the supremacy of God in all things.” – John Piper

Is this you today? Did you wake up with a passion and zeal for the Lord? How about striving for His glory and being satisfied in Him in whatever He has brought you today? 

As Christians, we will have very set apart lives. Our interests will look vastly different than the interests in our culture. We don’t value the same things or hold to the same hopes or have the same desires.

Ladies, we don’t boast in our bodies, diet plans, workout routines, being a super mom, climbing the corporate ladder, obtaining rewards or degrees, nice nails/hair, having nice possessions, or even how good of a Christian we can be. 

Those things may happen or be given to you as little gifts from the Lord, but we know all of that is fleeting and does not even come close to the value of the cross of Christ.

He is our true boasting. The goodness and the graces of Him in our ordinary day is worth shouting from the mountain tops! 

And in turn, when we recognize that nothing in this world is worth boasting for apart from Him, the world will not really find us all too appealing either. 

We won’t look the same, think the same, use the same words. We won’t be entertained by the same things. We won’t laugh at the same jokes, watch the same shows, listen to the same music. We will be women who belong to the Lord – vastly different, but more loving and giving towards others than this world knows what to do with. 

So when we boast, let us brag about how sweet our Savior is.

When our children do something awesome, or boyfriend gives us a gift, or when we lose 20 pounds – bring glory to God for those things.

But know that even the best of moments on earth will never compare to the best (and worst) moment 2000 years ago – the only thing really worth boasting about – when Jesus laid down His life for you and for me.

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